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From Zero 2019, Insitu Painting and Painting Hybrid, Domestic Paint, Dimensions Variable

This process painting is created using white silk paint. The painting has evolved gradually over time using a unique method that involves dripping and chiseling the paint repeatedly.
This is another material led piece that tries to push the material to its limits. The process of dripping and chiseling has exposed the strong and fragile elements of the paint. The constant displacement of paint reflects physical and mental turbulence. 

I have taken an overlooked, utilitarian tool and have changed it's significance by making an artwork of it. I hope this symbolic act will encourage the theme of mental health to be recognized in mainstream society.

Here is a video that demonstrates how Verity chisels her painting From Zero 2019.


The end of the exhibition did not mark the end of the painting. Verity discovered that the whole painting could peel off the wall in one piece when she dismantled her show. She plans to carry on this painting somewhere else.

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